Live Picks: 04.28.2011 – 05.01.2011 (Jazz Fest Late Night Edition, Pt. 1)

Jazz Fest is here, and it is so wide-ranging and awesome you almost literally cannot go wrong no matter what you end up doing once you reach the Fairgrounds. Barryfest aims to give you a look at what’s going on after the sun sets on Jazz Fest each day.

04.28: Okkervill River + MyNameIsJohnMichael – Republic

04.29: Crocodiles + The Fresh & Onlys + Young Prisms – Republic

2010 was a heavy year for the Fresh & Onlys, a young San Francisco band who – though part of the modern deluge of “garage rock revivalists” vying for what little attention the electronica-centered masses have to give – has managed to somehow elevate itself from the strict confines of an admittedly minimalist genre of music with a brilliant Phil Specter-esque atmosphere of fuzzed-out psychedelic guitars, ethereal vocal harmonies, and driving, crash-heavy drums. After releasing Play It Strange in 2010, the third of a series of releases that call to mind the career progressions of Liverpool band the Coral – and, by association, the numerous 1960s Haight-Ashbury acts that inspired it – the Fresh & Onlys embarked on a year-long touring charge that took the band to the Matt Groening-curated All Tomorrow’s Parties and further through the UK with the wildly-popular Deerhunter.

The band’s 2011 release, the Secret Walls EP, finds them somewhat slowed-down yet substantially more brooding in both songwriting approach and demeanor as they traverse a Nick Cave-influenced Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse vibe, complete with thick vibrato guitars and heavily-reverbed, baritone vocals. If 2010 is any indication, the Fresh & Onlys have no intention of slowing down their current lightning-pace of recording and touring. Indeed, they’ll be stopping in New Orleans for their second performance here in six months for a show at the Republic where they, along with recent Kanine Records signees the Young Prisms, will be supporting San Diego noise pop band Crocodiles.

MP3: The Fresh & Onlys: Until The End of Time

04.30: Rotary Downs + Big History – Siberia

05.01: ?uestlove + Biz Markie – Republic


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