Live Picks: 04.21.2011 – 04.27.2011

04.21: Lake + Agesandages – Allways Lounge

04.22: Titus Andronicus + Empress Hotel + Felix – Hi-Ho Lounge

04.23: Cut Copy + Holy Ghost! – Republic

Cut Copy has come a long way since founder Dan Whitford began producing the synthy, post-disco dance tunes that would appear on 2004’s Bright Like Neon Love.  It’s no surprise their airy mix of pitch-perfect hooks and tricked out-vocals caught the attention of Euro-pop contemporaries like Bloc Party and Daft Punk, but Cut Copy’s unique grunge, punk and even psychedelic rock leanings have impressed a massive cadre of critics and fans alike.

After ushering in the “chillwave” era – an era that, depending on who you talk to, is either going strong or shrieking out it’s death rattle  – Cut Copy instantly and consistently transcended that electronica-influenced sub-genre, reinventing their sound time and again without losing the infectious listenability that allows their music to simultaneously appeal to club-rats and AOR enthusiasts alike.

Fresh off a headlining spot at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival and a wild set at Coachella, Cut Copy is passing through New Orleans for a stop at Republic on Saturday.  Holy Ghost! opens.

MP3: Cut Copy: “Where I’m Going”

04.25: The Pallbearers + Fat Stupid Ugly People + The Split Lips – Dragon’s Den

04.26: Peelander-Z + Anamanaguchi + The Local Skank – One Eyed Jacks

04.27: Kindest Lines + Sky Dope – The Saint

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