Live Picks: 04.07.2011 – 04.13.2011

04.07The Pains of Being Pure at Heart + Twin Shadow – One Eyed Jacks

04.08: Jean Eric – Republic

04.09: Anal Cunt + Flesh Parade + Vulkodlak + Fat Stupid Ugly People – Siberia

04.10: The Love Language + Big Blue Marble + The Beams – Hi-Ho Lounge

And here I thought Cave In’s Stephen Brodsky was the only guy doing this kind of stuff; but as it turns out I’m sorely mistaken. Stuart Lamb – the brains behind the Raleigh, NC-based band the Love Language – began working with semi-low-end/semi-high-end recording techniques a couple of years ago during a serious breakup-driven drug and alcohol dropout. The result was a self-titled album that can only be described as “mid-fi” (a term adopted by the aforementioned Brodsky) of the highest order: thick, buzzing, tonal guitars and haunting piano keys set to a backdrop of eclectic percussion, all in meticulously-channeled stereo.

However, 4-track experimentation was only the first step in Stuart Lamb’s quest to get things back on track. In late 2010, he entered a proper studio to record his Merge Records debut, Libraries, which finds the Love Language moving away from the one-man-band approach towards a sprawling field of washed out vocals, sparkling guitar strings, distant organs and synthesized violins. However, while different in texture, his songwriting style remains as intimate as ever, with vague – yet confessional – references to love, hate, failure, and redemption.

And to support Libraries, Lamb has put together a proper touring band and will be making a stop in New Orleans at the Hi-Ho Lounge. Opening will be locals Big Blue Marble – who have just released an amazing album of their own – and the Beams.

04.11: Defect Defect + Nervous Juvenile + Adults – Nowe Miasto

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