Sun Hotel Schedules Spring Break Beach Tour

These days, I’m far too old to benefit from “Spring Break”, the almost universally adopted tradition wherein schools give students a week off just as the weather starts to break and students, in turn, go to the beach and get hammered.  From what I can remember of it, though, it was pretty cool.  For their 2nd annual Spring Break tour, Sun Hotel are headed to the coast, bringing their recalcitrant brand of swampy indie rock to the Sunshine State:

This Spring Break, Sun Hotel will be visiting some of our favorite beach/river side cities and our favorite sandwich shops that reside in them.

The tour kicks off with an appearance at the 2011 Community Records Block Party, where Sun Hotel will take the inside stage of the Big Top at 5:30PM.  The band will stick around New Orleans for the Chris Rehm/Native America Split Cassette Release Show before heading to Tallahassee for the first of six shows in as many days.

Sun Hotel’s Spring (Heart) Break Beach Tour


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