Rotary Downs Premiere Music Video for “Promised Land”

[vimeo w=635]


Greatest band in the universe Rotary Downs has had a busy few months.  Since once again rocking the Bingo Tent at last fall’s Voodoo Music Experience (and capping the Halloween weekend off with their annual throwdown at d.b.a.), the boys won an Offbeat “Best of The Beat” Award had two tracks from the 2010 masterpiece Cracked Maps and Blue Reports added to the latest edition of Rock Band, and have been hard at work putting together a dazzling addition to their growing collection of music videos.

“Promised Land”, filmed, edited and directed by Nathan Tape, is the band’s fourth full length music video.  In a day and age when according-to-Hoyle music videos seem to be a thing of the past, Rotary Downs continues to showcase an almost preternatural ability to craft compelling visual accompaniments to their experimental indie-pop.  This dreamy, stop-motion project features a cameo by GIVERS’ Tiffany Lamson, who contributed backing vocals to Cracked Maps.


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