DYRT90s? // Spacehog: In The Meantime

If only this masterpiece was recorded 20 years sooner, Spacehog might be mentioned in the same sentence as Marc Bolan and Mott The Hoople instead of being mentioned in the same sentence as Deep Blue Something and Eve 6.

Even worse are the comparisons Spacehog must endure to acts such as The Darkness, who’s similarities to the England-via-Brooklyn rockers starts and ends at the misleading shorthand lazy pundits use to describe each band’s perceived songwriting style.  Even though one band predated the other by so many years that they are not even contemporaries, it’s easy to dismiss both acts as similar entries in the “neo-glam” cannon and lump them together in the trash-heap of popular culture’s expired passing fancies.

But while Spacehog admittedly made no effort to conceal just how much the David Bowies and Roxy Musics of the world influenced their unique take on post-Smiths Brit-pop, acts like The Darkness just made empty power ballads that focused solely on the excess of the 1970s glam-rock movement – androgyny, falsetto – and slathered them in a Strokes-influenced penchant for nostalgia simply for nostalgia’s sake.  I guess they were both technically “neo-glam”, but what a difference a decade makes.

MP3: Spacehog: “In The Meantime”


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