Live Picks: 03.24.2011 – 03.30.2011

Dax Riggs will be performing at One Eyed Jacks on Saturday, March 26, 2011

03.24: The Horns of Happiness + Wee Giant – AllWays Lounge

03.25: IN Exchange Ethical Fashion Show featuring Big History + Royal TeethRepublic

03.26: Dax Riggs + The Unnaturals – One Eyed Jacks

Though his work may immediately escape you, few musicians have been busier or more prolific than Dax Riggs in the past twenty years. A Houma, LA native, Riggs has spent most of the past decade in Austin, TX recording under many different pseudonyms, including Agents of Oblivion, Daisyhead and the Mooncrickets, T-Daks and His White Plastic Soul, and – most notably – Deadboy & the Elephantmen, a band that found Riggs at the forefront of the burgeoning post-2000 Swamp Rock rebirth.

However, with Deadboy wasn’t the first time Riggs was called “influential”. Eight years prior to Deadboy’s 2002 release of If This Is Hell, Then I’m Lucky, Riggs was fronting Acid Bath, whose two records, 1994’s When The Kite String Pops and 1996’s Paegan Terrorism Tactics, would be considered some of the most important sludge, doom, or stoner metal albums ever recorded – the influence of which could be felt as far as upper New England by the end of the 1990s.

As scattershot as Dax Riggs’ career has been since he originally started writing music, the last five years have seen him comfortably settled into his role as a solo musician both in name and songwriting approach. With Fat Possum Records, he has released three records (one of which is technically a Deadboy album he rereleased under his own name) that, at times, further explore the swamp rock territory that he initially happened upon in the early 2000s. Other times, his work touches on subtle experimentation within the post-grunge era – a concept that someone like Travis Meeks only hinted at with Days of the New II – often with moving results.

This Saturday, March 26, Dax Riggs will return to our neck of the woods with a performance at One Eyed Jacks, supported by the brooding surf rockabilly band The Unnaturals.

03.27: The Whigs + Johnny Corndawg – House of Blues

03.30: Lovey Dovies + Dead People + Adults + Opposable Thumbs – Howlin’ Wolf Den

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