Preview // Foburg, Day 2: 03.12.2011

Jean Eric + RYAT + Royal Teeth + The Botanist – One Eyed Jacks

Das Racist + Katey Red + Shanook + PYMP – Maison Downstairs

The Hood Internet + Christoph Andersson + Big History – Maison Upstairs

Since its inception only three or so years ago, Chicago residents Aaron Brink and Steve Reidell have made good use of the Hood Internet. As the last half of the 2000s lent great success to the art of the remix and, in particular, mashup artists like Girl Talk, the Hood Internet has reveled in many of the rewards, going from at-home musical blacksmiths to touring DJ’s nearly overnight while putting out countless free mixtapes in the process.

However, where the art of someone like Girl Talk lies in the creative, unique, and strange ways that disparate songs or genres – or the sheer number of them in some cases – can be seemlessly matched, the Hood Internet’s approach of simply matching a rapper with an indie song is much more straightforward; and the genius is found not just in Brink and Reidell’s intuitive mashups but in their seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of the unabashedly hip culture of indie and electronic music. If someone were to tell me that they mashed up Trey Songz and the Radio Dept., I’d probably reply, “Well, I wouldn’t even listen to them on their own.” Nevertheless, the end result of a Hood Internet mashup is often something surprisingly greater than the sum of its parts.

During Foburg, the Hood Internet will be gracing the narrow blue walls of Maison’s upstairs stage, joined by Electronic Takeover’s Christoph Andersson and the already-locally-celebrated Big History.

The Revivalists + New Grass Country Club + Moon Taxi + Jon Hugo – Blue Nile Downstairs

Brass Bed + Vagabond Swing + Hart – Blue Nile Upstairs

ImagineIAM + Sorry No Ferrari + Smiley With A Knife – Dragon’s Den Downstairs

The Local Skank + The Unnaturals + Modoc + The Groovocrats – Siberia

Simon Lott’s Very Cherry + Telegraph Canyon + Birds and Batteries – AllWays Lounge

Big Rock Candy Mountain + Glasgow + Venice is Sinking – Hi-Ho Lounge

Los Po-Boy-Citos + Backwords + Little Maker + Sam Doores & The Tumbleweeds + Loren Murrel – Saturn Bar


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