Preview // Foburg, Day 1: 03.11.2011

Ra Ra Riot + GIVERS + The Luyas – One Eyed Jacks

Sun Hotel + The Yes Way + Native America + Booty Trove – Maison Downstairs

Flow Tribe + The Blue Party + Mississippi Rail Company – Blue Nile Downstairs

Debauche + The Lisps + Hurray For The Riff Raff + Luke Winslow-King – Blue Nile Upstairs

The seeds of Debauche were sown in 2007 when Ukranian ex-pat Yegor Romantsov took up residency at the now-defunct French Quarter coffeehouse Kahve Royale.  The former Russian punk-rocker spent his Friday evenings sipping homemade vodka and playing Soviet Union-era prison dirges about criminals, orphans, and other assorted ne’er-do-wells, what he calls “Russian Mafia Hooligan Music.”

Within months, his weekly solo gig turned into a series of increasingly wild jam sessions as members of cajun-klezmer band the Zydepunks became regular guests, and the nom de guerre of the resultant group is as appropriate as the music is unique.  But even with arrangements that are heavily informed by Romantsov and his brethren’s gypsy-punk-rock DNA, Debauche’s music is defiantly – or perhaps, quintessentially – folk music.

The same can be said about the sound made by the rest of the bands appearing in the Blue Nile’s balcony room on the opening night of the 2011 Foburg Music Festival.  While all modern music is technically a descendant of 19th century musical folklore, participants in Friday night’s showcase draw more identifiable inspiration from classic compositional tradition than most.  New Yorks’ The Lisps crafts their over-the-top, vaudevillian stage shows around country-twinged anti-pop; Hurray For The Riff Raff’s Alynda Lee sets delicately heartbreaking tales against spacey acoustic accompaniment; and even Luke Winslow-King‘s original waltzes sound as old and spirited as New Orleans herself.

I, Octopus + Zorch + High In One Eye – Dragon’s Den Downstairs

G-Easy + D.P. + DJ G-Cue – Dragon’s Den Upstairs

Megafauna + Luke Starkiller + General Bye Bye + Enharmonic Souls – Siberia

The Other Planets + Caddywhompus + Fights – AllWays Lounge

Vox and the Hound + Modern Skirts + The Beams – Hi-Ho Lounge

The White Bitch + R Scully’s Rough 7 + The Green Demons – Saturn Bar


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