Barryfest Endorses: Listening to The Doors During Mardi Gras

It was once thought, among philosophers of the Current and Future State of MusicTM, that the Doors made the perfect music for extreme cold weather in big cities. However, the nuances of such a notion confounded, mystified, and ultimately divided experts who, unable to account for the vast sociological, economic, and ethnic diversity that characterizes most major US cities, couldn’t systematically articulate how, when, and by whom the Doors were to be enjoyed.

Was it for the poor or the down and out, as evidenced by “Been Down So Long”? Is “The Changeling” only for those planning to start a new life as a drifter? Do you need to own a car to enjoy “Moonlight Drive”?

Ultimately, no one could come up with a hard and fast rule. Some people lived in cities, but they weren’t all big; and some of those cities were cold, but not all of them. The only thing these experts could genuinely agree on was that “Break on Through” was the official song of using psychedelic drugs in wartime Vietnam. After laying down this decree, most simply dropped the subject and never thought about it again.

We at Barryfest, after several years of research in many cities with different climate types, have come up with a unifying theory of the Doors: Their’s is the ultimate music to listen to during Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

As it turns out, the size of the city is less relevant than what is going on in that city at a given time. Though temperature is no longer an issue, extreme cold certainly helps if you leave the Bacchus parade route on foot and walk into the crowded smoky barroom of the Mayfair to hear “Roadhouse Blues” blaring in your right ear while someone hands you a High Life. But even if Mardi Gras falls after New Orleans’ subtropical climate has shaken off the chill of her short but despised winter, is “Spanish Caravan” any less fitting a soundtrack for an ill-advised walk down Prytania Street?

We suggest making sure you have the band’s entire library on your person at all times during Mardi Gras. Load it on your smart phone, have your Doors Pandora Station ready, and get yourself multiple CDs for driving because you will need “Peace Frog” to start every day and, trust us on this, you don’t want to be caught up at the end of the night without “L.A. Woman” at your fingertips.


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