Live Picks: 02.17.2011 – 02.23.2011

02.17: Toastbeards + City Zoo + Never Ever and the Family Band – Maison Upstairs

02.18: Dirty Dozen Brass Band + MyNameIsJohnMichael – Tipitina’s

After prolifically churning out 52 songs in the 52 weeks of 2008 and perpetually gigging in support of 2009’s The People That Come and Go, John Michael Rouchell of the eponymous MyNameIsJohnMichael had a quieter 2010.  Recording delays and personnel shifts stalled the band’s seemingly unstoppable momentum, and as shows became less and less frequent  many were left wondering what the future held for MNIJM.

But the rumors of MyNameIsJohnMichael’s demise were greatly exaggerated. By last fall, John Michael Rouchell was back in the studio and, with an almost completely new band behind him, once again cranking out the energetic live shows that had become his calling card.  The reshuffled lineup knocked their 2010 Voodoo Experience set out of the park and followed up by hosting a Thanksgiving Eve bacchanal at One Eyed Jacks that featured Sun Hotel and cameos by GIVERS‘ Tif Lamson and the one and only Big Sam Williams. The spirited, special guest filled extravaganza was the perfect showcase for a MyNameIsJohnMichael back in fine form.  Promising an even newer, bigger sound, they open for the legendary Dirty Dozen Brass Band at Tipitina’s  “Twitter Appreciation Party”.

02.19: Unwed Sailor + Giant Cloud + Smiley With A Knife – Carrollton Station

02.20: Hot New Mexicans + Sun Hotel + Adults – Caddy Whop Haus

02.21: Dark Dark Dark + Why Are We Building Such A Big Ship? – Siberia

02.23: Depressed Buttons – Republic

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