Disappears: Guider

kranky, 2011

Within the first thirty seconds of Disappears’ second LP in thirteen months, it’s obvious that this band hates wasting time. After spending nearly two years in limbo when its first record label (Touch and Go) folded, the Chicago band has spent the past several months gradually regaining speed.

While I mean that critically, it also applies literally to the sound of Guider, an album that reuses virtually every aspect of its predecessor’s tape-quality noise rock recording techniques, while at the same time treating listeners to songs that churn considerably faster. From the opening notes of “Superstition” to the catchy, walking bass line of the title track, you know you’re on a very quick head rush of a rollercoaster ride – a rock n’ roll Splash Mountain of sorts.

I’d be lying if I told you that the sonic differences between Guider and the band’s first album, Lux, are anything but slight. With the exception of some shades of krautrock vocals found on the self-explanatory “New Fast”, this album is almost impressively identical to its predecessor, ultimately a tribute to the band’s Midwest-influenced “just do what you do well and fucking do it” approach to writing music.

This could ultimately change in the future, as Graeme Gibson, the drummer and in-house producer behind the band’s recordings, recently left the band on amicable terms. If Disappears wants to keep this absurd momentum going, they may have to start looking for new producers sooner rather than later. However, one thing is certain: while some bands are wasting time trying to reinvent the wheel (and themselves in the process), Disappears has yet to slow down, change course, or take a step back and reflect on what they’re actually doing; instead, they’ve moved straight ahead into 2011 and made yet another kick ass fucking rock record.

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