Small Black is coming back to The Saint

“Chillwave” is one of those interesting terms that is at once lauded and vilified; eagerly-oversused by some while at the same time derided by others as at best a lazily applied shorthand for a genre of music that already fits comfortably into preexisting nomenclature and at worst as a word that the dude from Hipster Runoff made up as a joke.

It does sound weird when it rolls off the tongue, and every now and then I do feel embarrassed when that is the only term my brain can dig up when someone asks me to describe a particular band’s music.  But it also kinda works, and I saw this first hand in October when I got a running start on Voodoo weekend by checking out Small Black at the Saint.  The packed crowd was throbbing to, well, waves of punch-drunk electro-fuzz in a show that sits firmly in my Top 5 Awesomest Live Shows of 2010.  But if you missed it, fear not, because they are coming back to the scene of the crime along with some friends:

The young New York indie-pop duo Cults have only released a handful of songs, but they’re going places. Right now, they’re working on their debut album for In the Name Of/Columbia, which is due out in May. And in the months ahead, they’ll tour around North America, playing shows with Small Black, Sun Airway, and, as previously reported, Asobi Seksu.

Full disclosure: I’d pretty much see anything at The Saint, one of the greatest bars in our fair city that doubles as a performance space I would call “unique” if it wasn’t just flat out bad-ass.  But Small Black is certainly not to be missed, especially when the southern leg of the Cults tour also includes Sun Airway.

Pitchfork: Cults Tour With Small Black, Sun Airway.


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