Live Picks: 01.06.2011 – 01.12.2011

Move Lafitte is performing at the AllWays Lounge on January 8, 2011

01/06: 101 Runners + Big Cheif Monk Boudreaux + 3pc. Spicy – 12 Bar

01/07: Daria and the Hip Drops – Maison

01/08: Move Lafitte + Autotomii – AllWays Lounge

The last time we saw Move Lafitte, the young 5-piece was filling the cozy confines of the Circle Bar with a their signature brand of funked-up math rock and handing out copies of their freshly recorded debut EP.  The show was raw but undoubtedly impressive, as the eager band played a strong set of songs that featured  intricate guitar compositions that effortlessly morphed into the type of epic horn grooves that evoked Steely Dan’s “Night By Night” as much as they did the swampy jazz-rock native to New Orleans.  But this was last spring, and the strength of the performance stayed with us and kept us wondering when we would be able to catch Move Lafitte again.  Thankfully, that time has come.

01/10: Girl Talk – House of Blues

01/11: Guitar Lightnin Lee and His Thunder Band + The Velcro Lewis Group – Saturn Bar

01/12: Hurray For The Riff Raff + The Tumbleweeds – Desperado’s Pizza


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